Linda Brown Baumgartner

33759 Weld County Road 16, Keenesburg, CO 80643
303-732-4468 home
303-589-0764 cell

I'm living in Keenesburg, Colorado on an 80 acre farm. We don't farm it any more - we have a share-cropper doing all of the work. We just sectioned off one corner of the farm where out house, barn and out-buildings are and are ready to build a new home on the other corner. I'm excited!

I'm the office manager and executive assistant in M. A. Mortenson Co.'s Denver office (construction). I more commonly refer to myself as a beck and call girl to guys with big titles - much more accurate. My kids are all grown and two of them have families themselves. Casey is 36 and living in Redondo Beach, California with his wife Lynn and my beautiful almost five-month-old granddaughter Ava James Pepe. Courtney is 31 and living in Greeley, Colorado with her husband Brian and my 20-month-old most incredible grandson Jaden Lowel Stone. Jaden is expecting a little brother or sister in early November. Alison is 29 and living in San Diego, California with her boyfriend of ten years, Rick. My husband Rod manages the Henrylyn Water District near the farm.

I'm in the process of figuring out how to be a full time Mom, Gramma, Sister, Wife and Friend. Life is too short to work forever. I need to be with family and friends. After the new house is built, just maybe!

I spend my free time taking care of my grandkids (which includes flying back and forth to California regularly - good think I retired from the airlines)! I would do that every minute of every day if I could but I can't talk my kids into turning the grandkids over to me FULL TIME! Since they won't, I spend the rest of my free time playing golf.

Life is good!

Connections since the Reunion:

Rosie and Linda at El Charro