Karen Culver Cheikhi

67413 Toltec Court, Cathedral City, CA 92234
760-322-6709 h
760-409-4365 c

After leaving Westwood my family moved back to Palm Springs where I started College. I went for one year before getting married. Moved to Hawaii and added a daughter to my family. Then I moved to Idaho where I had 3 more children. No longer married I went back to school and became a Registered Nurse and started a career in Boise, Idaho. I left Boise and returned to Palm Springs where my parents still resided. I only wanted to stay in Palm Springs for 6 months to help my father in his business and then return to Boise; that was 20 years ago.

I have traveled many places around the world, wrote a book (many works in progress), and took up painting with oil medium and just started working with acrylic. Just last week I took a class in glass blowing and made a couple glass drinking cups and will be looking to making some pieces of art in the future. This past week too, was my first 'art showing' and will be working on getting more involved in the arts, my first love. I paint portraits, landscapes and still pieces and am developing a series for advertising.

I have 4 children who are in their 30's and one that is 42.

It's amazing how fast time goes by and each few years there is a pivotal point where you stop and think about where you are and what's happening to you, if you are reaching your personal goals or not and if not, are they still important and if so, make it happen. One of my best pivotal points was when I went to Westwood High and that was the time when I learned the most about life and shaped myself to be a good part of what I am today. College was one of those times too. I just wanted to make something good happen in the world, even in the smallest way; we must have all wanted that. I guess I'm still working on trying to make that happen.