Robert "Sandy" Hunt

40439 N Jodi Drive,Queen Creek AZ 85242

Remember the old days of band? I played the Tuba. And was the HS photographer. My nickname was Sandy, but he passed away in 1966. My given name is Robert, which at the time there were too many Roberts in the house at once. So after I went into the Military in 1966 I had to go by that name.

In 1968, I spent my first tour in Vietnam and went back for my second there and Korea. Korea is where I was wounded and five bullets hit me. I was with the 101st in Nam, and with a special unit on the second trip. then with the 2nd and 38th in Korea. Total seven years.

I still have a bullet in my back, and with that I have now MS. I take a lot of medications to deaden the pain and get around with the use of a cane.

I will see you all at the reunion.