Richard Leonard

7262 E. Trent , Mesa AZ 85212

Retired Mesa Police Department. Started a couple of businesses to become rich and famous you guessed it, didn't happen. I moved my family to Pintop Az. where you can get to know your neighbors remeber those days .{ good old Mesa in the 50's and 60's] We really enjoyed our time there. I married Sandy Riggs class of 66. We have 7 great kids and 11 grand kids with one on the way. One of the hardest things I've ever had to do is get all the kids raised. I love all of them and grand kids are the greatest. If you haven't figured it out by now I'm into my family. I still can't understand how come my good wife has put up with me all these years. As I tell everyone my name is Richard Leonard I was born of goodly parents and raised by a beautiful wife. How true that statement is because on Dec. 29th 2003 Sandy woke up and could not walk and had no feeling form the waist down. She spend the next two plus weeks in the hospitals Doctors tried everything but couldn't find the problem. They discovered that she had a disease call trans-verse mylitus. Pretty neat stufff only one and 5 million get it. It kills the nerves which it did from her waist down. They say one third kinda come back, one third can stay in a wheel chair for the rest of their lifes. and one third need a walker for the rest of their lifes. Sandy and I with the Lords help have made plans for her to get completely well.. One thing I have learned, you can tell someone that you love them everyday of your life and then just like that you get to do the cooking, cleaning, ironing , the shopping and everything that go's along with taking care of someone that can't .. You know what you do ? You find out what true love is all about. Yes I love my dear wife with all my heart. And we're both looking forward to seeing everyone at the REUNION.

The kids!