Larry Orr

704 E. Lehi Rd., Mesa AZ 85203
480-965-1963 work
480-707-2342 cell

I got my BA in English Literature at ASU in 1970. I've been married to Barbara Holmes (McClintock 1968; B.Ed. ASU; M.A. NAU) for 39 years and have one daughter, one son, 2 grandkids, 2 horses, 2 dogs, 5 cats, and a couple elderly chickens. I've lived in Mesa since I graduated, except for 6 years when I was transferred to Colorado and a few years while I was in Antarctica. We own an old Victorian house in Lusk, Wyoming, that we are repairing so we can retire to it in a few years (Mesa has gotten too big big and busy for our tastes though we seem to have problems getting out of Dodge).

I am the program manager of the Center for Bioenergy & Photosynthesis at ASU (21 years) and also provide desk-top publishing/typesetting services to Springer Publishing, located in Dordrecht, The Netherlands (16+ years--but have never been there in person) and others. Previously, I was an administrator for a civilian contractor to the National Science Foundation at McMurdo Station, Antarctica (4 years), a purchasing agent in Tempe and Denver (6 years), and, before that, a pizza parlor manager in Mesa and Tempe (5 years). Just the typical hodgepodge of jobs that Liberal Arts/English majors end up taking after college.

With penguins at Cape Crozier, Antarctica (1986)