IRVING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Rhea Ward's 3rd Grade Class

Annette Jaimes, David Wilson, Lora Sue Hancock, Joyce Singleton, Billy Eckleman, Kathy Allen, Brenda Stewart, Tiny Conway, Beverly ______, Dennis Ray, Delray Manuel, Billy Southerland, Robert Tolman, Carl Farnsworth
David Hale, Patty Rucker, Charlene Click, Robert Bowers, Charles Lunsford, Marie ______, Cyndy Peterson, James Richard Cutler, Riley Moffat, Carl ______, Patty Miller, Carol Dean, Billy Stephen, Jackie ______
Milton Lawlor, Henry Mejia, Sharilyn Peterson**, John Silva, Otto Combs, Donnie Conrad, Ronnie Barber, Ginny Kay McLaws, Kathy Woodworth, Ellen _____, Ronnie Goltz

(Burkie Wurts is peering through the window on the right)

** Sharilyn Peterson is the niece of Lora Sue Hancock (top row) and came to school with her visiting from California and that happened to be the picture day. The interesting thing is she married David Wilson, also on top row, several years later when she moved to Mesa.

Anyone you recognize? Please contact us so we can identify them here.