LEHI ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Mr. Coleman's 5th Grade Class

Terry Allen, Gwenn Bailey, Annie Guerrero, Jimmy Wetherford, Georgia Runyan, Donna Conway, George Knight, Glenna Hall, Mike Harmon, Mary Pogue, Ken Meadows, Connie Koppel
Norine Powell, Chester Yancy, Dickie Leonard, Owen Adair, Charles Berryhill, Jack Marley, Richard Scarborough, Karen Potts, Vernon Fuller, Linda Lou Casey, David Finch
Ann Sargeno, Nancy Triumph, Donnie Conrad, Dana Webster, Billy Austin, Reed Brooks, D.L. Jarvis, Danny Johnson, Terry Williams, Billy Stephen
(Apologies for misspellings and incorrect names; handwriting on back of photo is very difficult to interpret and may already contain misspellings)

Anyone else you recognize? Please contact us so we can identify them here.